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Do you know about the amazing benefits of using a castor oil pack? This timeless remedy has been used for ages in many cultures. Castor oil can penetrate 3 inches into your body, especialy with added heat. Then it goes in and soothes and heals tissue.

Some applications and benefits of castor oil packs:castor oil

  • Over your liver when liver flushing – It will soften the grit, grease, and stones in the liver and gallbladder!
  • Over your colon and/or small intestine – It will soften hardened mucus, fecal matter, and soothe the gut lining.
  • Over your lungs (chest or back side) – It will sooth irritated lung tissue and help heal infections, bacteria, viruses in this area.
  • Over inflammed muscles or joints – It will help the inflammation go down, soothe the tissue and bring comfort.

Heritage Products, pictured left, is a great brand of castor oil that is easily found at your local health food store. Notice it is hexane free. Please be sure to buy one that is hexane free. They also make the castor pack fabrics, in either wool or cotton. I like the cotton better because it tends to be less messy, but the wool absorbs more oil.

Here is a handy castor pack demo video from a liver flush talk I gave while 8 months pregnant! Thanks Brandon, for showing your lovely mid section for us to demo the castor pack! 😉

Take action now! Please report below your stories on how using castor packs goes for you and any big ahas or questions you had while reading this.

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