Activate your core in an acoustic sound healing session with Jaya! Everything at it essence exists in a state of vibration. When we utilize the power of sound waves, we can bypass the conscious mind’s resistances and go directly to the core. It’s an amazing way to facilitate deep emotional healing. Tapping into these primal communication channels saves time and energy for quick results!

Jaya has been playing music since age 9. She has progressed deeper into the roots of sound and healing from complex instruments like piano and oboe to more simple ones such as didgeridoo and drum. Now, she prefers to play only with the intent of healing.

Depending on location, Jaya will harmonize the whole human being with the following tools:

  • voice toning, singing, and chanting
  • 32 inch Wuhan Gong
  • didgeridoo
  • harmonium
  • tuning forks
  • singing bowls
  • wooden flutes
  • shaman’s drum

Imagine yourself floating on ocean waves of overtones from the gong; allowing the deep soft resonation of didgeridoo vibrations all over your being; realigning with specific intervals of tuning fork notes played through your aura; relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system through precise body-tuner fork frequencies played directly on your body; floating into trance with the consistant rhythm of the shaman’s drum; focusing the healing intention with toning and chanting; and drifting into all the ambient sounds around you…

If this sound delicious, and it is, please contact Jaya for a session or workshop in Nevada City or during her travels. She specializes in group sound healing experiences.

Jaya is now putting her tunes up at her personal blog:

Here’s a live Kundalini Sound Activation!

“Sacred Jaya is one of the most profound sound healers of our time.  Her skill and sensitivity in using her multiple sound healing tools and modalities is truly remarkable!  We welcome her at our raw food spiritual events and are blessed when she chooses to attend and share her love and healing music with all!”

Steve AdlerFounder of Sacred Chocolate

“I had been experiencing tension and pain along the bottom rim of my occipital ridge all the way down my back due to a bout of Labyrinthitis a few years back (which is an inner ear virus).  Although the infection was gone I continued to experience the pain regularly and it was very uncomfortable.  I tried massage, anti-inflammitories, ice, heat… all of which made the pain go away temporarily.

I was able to have a session with Jaya.  ONE session of her sound and vibrational healing totally cured my pain. Jaya took me through a basic session with the tuning forks then positioned them directly on the ridge of my occipital ridge on the right side of my skull.  That was in November. Seven months later, I still have not had any of that type of pain.  I’m very thankful to Jaya for clearing that energy and blockage.  It did the trick!”
Robin PhillipsMassage Therapist

“Jaya~ You are such a BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! Your sound activation at last February was so MAGICAL…thank you!!! I have been using the tuning forks you introduced me to on my daughters. They LOVE the calming feeling it brings right before bedtime. What a WONDERFUL instrument to help us ground and connect to Mother Earth! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift of love and music!!! So much LOVE and BLESSINGS to you! *♥¸.•*¨`* ♥~”
Amy, Sydney and TaylorPortland, OR