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Koru’s Joyful Morning Exercise Routine

Today we have a very special treat for you! My son, Koru is going to be our guest video blogger! He is presenting his joyful morning exercise routine to lift your spirits, loosen up your body, and set you for a wonderful day full of fun!   I’m typing for him since he can’t read […]

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Top 15 Easy Ways to Love Your Spine!

Top 15 Easy Ways to Love Your Spine! Hiya! Here’s this weeks blog, a video about 15 down and dirty, quick and easy ways to love your spine. Enjoy these exercises a la carte, or do the whole platter all at once. It’s up to you! Take your time. I had to rush a bit […]

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Video: Want to be a Super Hero? Do This Meditation! From Mt. Shasta!

Hi There! Check out this powerful meditation video! Last week, Koru and I spent some lovely time in Mt. Shasta. We happened to be there during the Solar Eclipse, which was the apex of a very intense transformational eclipse cycle. According to my friend and Koru’s papa, Sharu, who is an awesome Vedic Astrologer, this […]

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Video: The Secret Healing Belly Dance Movement

Video: The Secret Healing Belly Dance Movement Hey, Check out this video blog about a healing movement that comes from belly dancing. It helps to massage your organs, flush fluids through your organs, help bowel movements, relax your back, and even help prepare for birth! It’s easy and fun to do, feels great, and looks […]

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Video: Can Beating Yourself Up Be a Good Thing? Lymph Exercise Demo.

Check out this video and try this exercise to move your lymph and circulation, give you energy and condition your muscles. Have you heard of some various martial arts practices called Iron Shirt, Iron Palm, etc.? They are awesome conditioning exercises. They are mostly done in order for the artist to toughen their skin and […]

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