Jaya Love Phillips

Jaya’s wellness journey began in her childhood through sound and music with piano lessons at age 9. It was evident early on that she had a special gift of listening. Her musical career evolved from those childhood piano musings to marching bands and symphonies. Jaya has played a wide range of instruments including piano, oboe, didgeridoo, doumbek, djembe, flute, harmonium and various sound healing instruments. In her 20’s Jaya experimented with playing healing instruments on people’s bodies. Responses were so positive, that Jaya committed herself to healing through music and vibration.

Jaya decided to more formally educate herself to harness the power of energy and vibration in healing. Studies in reiki followed to activate the healing energies in her hands. Later she trained to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher. This allowed Jaya to more fully explore vibration and energy in the body through movement, alignment, breath, and mantra chanting. Formal training in sound healing followed. As Jaya evolved spiritually, she realized the power of the subconscious mind and our thoughts in creating reality. This led to Hypnotherapy training. Here Jaya explored realms of hypnotic trance, guided imagery and brainwave patterning for healing.

During all this time, a mysterious chronic illness had been eluding her. This classic “shamanic healing crisis” manifesting in the form of a whole-body rash plagued her for years and spurred her to investigate nutrition and cleansing. Western medical doctors had no solution other than prescription drugs, which eventually made the problem worse. Over the years, Jaya made many lifestyle changes and went from being a formula fed, TV dinner, canned veggies, steak and potatoes Southern Fried Food eater to an all organic rawfoodist! She tried many different diets, cleanses, and supplements to heal herself.

Finally this led to meeting the LifeFood nutrition & cleansing expert Dr. David Jubb, PhD. She underwent his prestigious Phoenix Fastician training where she learned to read the human body like a book and consult people on cleansing. Each liver and colon cleanse she partook in washed out the toxic debris and rinsed away the mysterious rash little by little. Finally Jaya saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Later she came full circle to the middle road by incorporating animal products again to build up her system, while maintaining a regular cleansing schedule.

The next huge step in the healing journey was to get physical. Traumas to Jaya’s body had created coping mechanisms of living “in the head” and “out of body.” In the past, this left her feeling ungrounded and not present. Jaya decided she wanted to pursue massage therapy training. This would help herself and others to be present in their bodies, healing deep physical and emotional wounding. Jaya decided to learn the highest level of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy with the World School’s amazing and talented founder, Patricia Cramer. Jaya now specializes in healing abuse issues and emotional mind/body re-integration.

With all these key pieces in place, Jaya has built a potent tool belt to empower you to heal yourself through sound, energy, nutrition, cleansing, yoga, and hypnotherapy. She has developed, performed, and facilitated many group healing sessions and workshops, inspired by the exponential power of healing when groups of people come together.

Jaya resides in Nevada City, California, is working on an album, and offers healing sessions in her healing studio. She is a new Mother also, with her first child, Koru, born in October 2011!