Are you ready to finally get to the root of your health issues?

Discover profound secrets of healing to feel ease and joy in your body! Get clear, step-by-step systems and take out the guesswork!

Who We Are

Jaya is an impassioned healing arts educator and facilitator. She has searched far and wide for the answers to stubborn health issues. She has faced her own challenges and wants to share her wisdom to empower others to take charge of their health. She underwent the prestigious Phoenix Fastician training with Dr. David Jubb and also has training in Kundalini Yoga, Hypnotherapy, and Sound & Energy healing. She lives in Nevada City, CA with her 3 year old son Koru.

What We Do

We offer virtual healing products for cleansing and lifestyle change support. You will have your hand held through some of the most sophisticated and powerful methods to heal your life available on this planet. Private healing sessions and consultations are also available locally in Nevada City and virtually through Skype. We also host workshops in person and online, teaching these incredible healing techniques in a group setting so you have community support.

Why Choose Us

Jaya is compassionate to your needs and health challenges. Having dealt with her own health problems and watched family members waste away to terrifying disease, she understands what you're going through. She is also incredibly well researched and the methods presented are scientifically based, SAFE, and deeply nourishing to your body and spirit. Lastly, Jaya's unique training background blends powerful modalities for a supercharged healing experience!


Illup Gravengaard,

Founder, Kejiwa Kombucha

Jaya helped me realize the profound transformation that comes from cleansing! My mentality had been, “Oh, I have been eating well and proper for so many years, I don’t need to cleanse.” Finally, I gave cleansing a try and proceeded to release so much on mental, emotional, & physical levels. It even dislodged stagnancy in my spiritual body! I am forever grateful to Jaya, for so gently and compassionately presenting this new, essential tool of healing! True teachers empower others to heal themselves, and this is exactly the gift of Jaya! 

Baruch Simon,

Waldorf Teacher, Yuba River Charter

Jaya, as taught by Dr. David Jubb has developed the Cleanse Wise protocol for healing, detoxification and nourishment that, in my opinion, is foundational to vibrant health. I've done this protocol several times and found it to be so deeply cleansing and nourishing. All of the instructions are easy to follow and the schedule and recipes make it easy as well. When I had questions or concerns, Jaya was so supportive and compassionate throughout the process. This system of upstream cleansing is exceptional in terms of benefits including detoxification, rejuvenation and vibrant health.

Gerardo Marin,

Co-Director, Rooted in Community

Jaya has been a tremendous force for my personal transformation. While guiding me through my first real organ cleanse, she introduced me to great resources, books, and practices to complement the program. She guided me in a few meditations while she played healing music, tuning forks, and didgeridoo. These experiences tuned me into a peaceful state, my true nature, and a drive to continue cultivating my highest power. When getting some coaching from her ask her to include sound healing!

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